Assessing Your Multiple Intelligences

Some thought-provoking articles are lined up for the weeks ahead.  But since many educators are taking a bit of a break this weekend, here’s an assessment to see where your strengths lie in terms of your multiple intelligences:

The interesting finding from this assessment is that it can change from time to time, based on what your priorities are at the time you take it.  It’s different from a strengths finder assessment, which identifies your talents as strengths, but can be interpreted as “things you don’t really need to work on.”  Strength finder assessments can be taken once every few years, but while the results might shift slightly, your top strengths will, more than likely, continue to be your top strengths.

Multiple intelligences, and the percentages at which they are prevalent in your current evaluation, however, can shift based upon the projects you’re involved in at the time you take the test, as all the “intelligences” are present within each person.



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